Professor Alan Wells and his wife Valerie.


He was twice a guest of Beach Island while working with NASA.



Professor Alan Wells, science director and lead United Kingdom investigator of NASA’s SWIFT Spacecraft Project was a recent visitor at Beach Island Resort.


Prof. Wells and his SWIFT team recently received the prestigious NASA Exceptional Achievement Award for the Advancement of Astronomy through the SWIFT project.  SWIFT, which was launched from the Kennedy Space Center in November 2004, contains a Bust Alert Telescope that can capture gamma ray bursts, the biggest explosions in the universe.  Scientists hope that studying these bursts will help them to better understand how the universe was formed.


Professor Wells joins the list of numerous scientists and engineers, as well as some of America’s first astronauts from the Mercury program, who have stayed at Beach Island Resort on famous Cocoa Beach. 



Here Dr. Wells is showing Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of England equipment used in unlocking the mysteries of the universe.




Just received this Photo from Alan Wells. It was taken at Edwards AFB while Shuttle Atlantis was waiting to be piggybacked back to Kennedy Space Center.