What Fran and I call Beck Week will be here next week, week 23. Some of the Becks also live in Indiana, but the Grandparents have now retired to Tennessee. The Family still come from all over to meet here on Beck Week. I think they have been here since 1981. This Photo is from last year's (2008) week 22.

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Manager Post From June 10, 2005

June 10, 2005: One of the wonderful parts of my life is the return each year of the regulars. I was talking with Mr. Beck who has been coming to Beach Island since about 1981 <I think> long before my arrival in 1992. He was saying they would not be able to make it this year. His grandson is a quarterback on a major college football team and The Beck's plan on going to all of his grandsons games. Anyway!!!!! While talking with Mr. Beck he told me a story of their 50th wedding anniversary that made my eyes water and my heart swell. It was so Beach Island that I ask if he would put it to script and mail me a copy to post here. He obliged. 


Once again we want to thank you for the hard work Fran and you have put into the management of Beach Island Resort.  It has been our favorite vacation spot of our timeshare ownerships and we truly appreciate your efforts.

 We purchased our first Beach Island Resort units in 1980 and endured the early bankruptcy proceedings with the developer, after which the resort operations were turned around to become a great resort and vacation spot.  Our family grew up with the resort and we have enjoyed annual family vacations since then, using Beach Island Resort as our reunion location.  We knew when we purchased that the units and resort was not as large as some of the others, but we preferred a smaller, family orientated spot with a great beach, and boy, do we have a GREAT beach.  We have been to many Florida locations, but have never found a better beach!

 We never realized the impact these Beach Island Resort experiences had on our family until we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary, this past April.  I am enclosing some of the unsolicited comments from our family that was in our memory album, and hope you take as much pleasure in them as we did.

 Scott (our 25 year old grandson) “I will never forget all the Cocoa Beach trips that we have taken, because it is the best beach in America.  They say we started going when I was 2 years old, which I can’t remember, but I can sure recall the many great times we had year after year.”

 Jaimi (our 23 year old granddaughter) “I have so many memories of times spent together that I don‘t know where to begin, but Florida and Beach Island hold the most.  Going on morning walks to find shells, sand castles, learning to swim, boogie boarding, Ron Jons, the Pier and all the Orlando fun places.”

 Brian (our 20 year old grandson) “When I think about the past, all the trips to Florida and Beach Island come to mind first.  No matter what was planned it was always a blast, just sitting out in the sun, going for walks on the beach looking for sea shells, and of course looking at the “boats” (our code word with Grandpa for girls) through the binoculars.  All of these are memories I will carry with me the rest of my life.”

 Jessica (our 15 year old granddaughter) “Years ago when I was too small to brave the ocean at Beach Island, Grandpa and my Dad would take me out there and swing me over the waves.  Every year I would look forward to doing this until I realized I was just too big for you and Dad.  Now we swim in the ocean and can see everyone sitting around the pool, and feel safe.”

 Maria (our 12 year old granddaughter) “Memories –oh wait here is one—When we went to Cocoa Beach and we would all go walking on the beach looking for shells.  We would spend a long time on the beach building sand castles and wading in the water up to our waist and we could go out so far before it got too deep.”

 Katie (our 17 year old granddaughter) “We have to go to Beach Island because it is like my second home.”

 Curtis (our 20 year old football player grandson) “I always looked forward to going to Beach Island and looking for “boats” with Brian and Grandpa.  Ha.Ha.  The beach was great for boogie boarding and just laying around.”

 Wayne and Fran, I hope we didn’t bore you with these, but we are so pleased that our grandkids appreciated all of our trips.  Thanks for your hospitality and helping us make these memories!!!!


Carolyn/Don Beck

I hope you feel as good after that story as I did. Thank you Don and Carolyn, & The Rest Of The Beck Family .   


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