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It was sad today April 18, 2012. A whale died and washed ashore

Baby rabbits born at Beach Island Resort.


March 10, 2012: Week 10 on the RCIŽ Calendar. What a great year this has been.    

Another wonderful couple of weeks gone. Below is a photo of Erin, Norah, Rhys, Fred, Nancy, Jeff. "The Elliot clan.

Here is Fred and Nancy, I think last year or maybe 2010. Anyway before the building had been repainted.

Here Mr. Elliott of 114 feeds one of the baby rabbits.

March 19, 2012: Week 11 on the RCIŽ Calendar. Just a quick line to add a photo of our guests from Sweden. Anne & Jan Liebgott. I wanted to put the photo of our German guests but they were to bashful.










I am not going to do names of the people in this picture, just condos

More sad news, after watching Shuttle Steve heads back to Maine. 3 weeks went by fast Steve.

Above: She turns 100 next month. In the pool every day. She is amazing.

Last July the girls got together for exercise, oh & a couple of the husbands also.

Above: My favorite photo that I have taken in the 20 years I have been here at Beach Island. I think it was an October Night.


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